Athlete Performance

Swift Performance Training’s mission is to provide each athlete with all the necessary physical and mental tools they require to perform at peak levels during the most critical times during their sports year.  To do this, we include a comprehensive, unique and scientifically proven approach to developing athletic success, which consists of developing programs that produce PERMANENT results.  It is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED for parents and the athletes to invest in 6-8 weeks of training, 2-3 sessions a week to ensure proper motor engram development without loss of progression.

Our sports training programs feature and employ all or some of the following training modalities pending the results of the pre-program evaluation:

  • SPEED PROGRAM: Customized, systematic training protocols to develop explosive acceleration and top end speed.
  • JUMP & EXPLOSION PROGRAM:  Program designed to maximize power output, quickness, balance and body awareness.
    – Sport-specific skills training featuring explosive cords and bands.
    – Active dynamic mobility and flexibility exercises training that is geared toward injury prevention and muscle activation based prior to the main drills being conducted.
  • BALANCE AND CORE STRENGTH training techniques including Pilates-based exercises.
    – Periodized strength-training programs that are gradual and positively inclined results with little to no plateaus or injuries.
    -Energy System Development (ESD)training.
    -Static, PNF, and Trigger Point recovery and stretching techniques.
    -Health and nutrition programs customized to the demand of each athletes sport(s), programming, and their goals
    -Weight Training  to complement the training program desired
  • COMBINE PREP: 10,20,40-yard dash, vertical jump, pro-agility, and sprint technique training.  The evaluation includes all but the 40-yard dash.
  • SPEED AND RUNNING PROGRAMS that involve systematic and supervised training protocols and sport-specific exercises designed to safely increase maximal sprint speed, anaerobic endurance, improved sprinting biomechanics, increased aerobic base for long distance running, increased body balance and awareness, improved body composition and increased self-esteem.
  • PLYOMETRICS: exercises designed to enable maximal muscle contraction in as short of a time as possible (power).  These activities will also improve quickness, coordination, core stability, balance and body awareness in multiple directions.  Biomechanics is a huge factor in the improvement of this no matter what equipment may be incorporated and can help translate to stronger results in the weight room.
    – Jump bands are built into the plyometric training to allow for more advanced functional lower body weight and explosion training as it builds strength in legs, hips, and core.  Overall muscle recruitment for power is enhanced.

Once again, we recommend training at least 2-3 sessions a week for 6-8 weeks to elicit a permanent performance improvement, at which time you can train as little as 1 session a week to maintain your improvements. All programs are guaranteed to improve athletic performance.