What is Online Personal Training? I know you have heard of Personal Training where you, your friends or relative might go to a gym and they meet 1-3 days a week with a personal trainer that gym has hired.  With Online Training, you are receiving more of an action coach who communicates regularly with you via phone and email after they have constructed your Training Program and Nutrition guidelines.  When it comes to Online Training, what are the advantages?

  • Online Training is great for those who like to already do the workouts themselves or just simply need a personally tailored and yet simply made a program to follow.
  • Training online can be great for those with a gym membership to a local gym or recreation center but feel intimidated by the crowds
  • With Online Training you learn to train at home either with minimal equipment, body weight or a full weight training set you or somebody you know may already have in the garage.
  • Scheduling Flexibility is greater because you do not have to worry about traffic cutting into you and your trainer’s schedule.  Often times trainers book their whole days and might not have the flexibility to change times regularly to meet with you.
  • Your typical training session in a gym with a Personal Trainer is 30 minutes to 6o minutes long.  Once again, this is how they also plan their schedules.  Online Training allows you to control the pace you work at and not rush through everything just to get done.
  • Because there is flexibility to make it to your workouts at a more convenient time and not rush through workouts to fit the trainer’s schedule, the client can set their own hours more often and train on their schedule.

How it works

  • Visit SwiftPerformanceTraining.com where you’ll see a “Contact” form.  Here is where you will subscribe to me and comment in the last box with “Online Coaching services” after you put in the Subject line “Online Coaching”.
  • Upon receiving your request, I’ll send back an application with that will ask a series of questions to help me get to know about you better: Goals, any kind of medical conditions, equipment at home or gym access, age, gender, eating behaviors, etc.
  • We will also then set up a time to Zoom or Skype to review your answers and discuss how things will proceed between us.  This will be the perfect time to start getting comfortable asking me questions and bringing your concerns to the table.
  • After this, we will get you added to the Trainerize online training app where your workouts will be posted to you.  The invite to this will be via the email you provided.  I will inquire as well about your Likes/Dislikes in nutrition to help target this part of your program.
  • I’ll post your workouts and then a follow-up skype/zoom, phone call, or whatever consult will occur to review your workouts, ask me questions on Notes and Instructions I have added so you can gain deeper understanding if necessary.
  • You can message me through the Trainerize app, text message, or email at any time to go over issues and figure out together what we need to do in order to problem solve some things.
  • I’m your Human Resource basically.  I am the Strategy Team that gets the plans going and then the Implement Team who makes you do it.

Payments will be made through PayPal where you can have installment drafts each month during the Online Transformation duration.  Or we can do 1 lump sum for the amount months your wish to do.

Here is a handful of our client testimonies

You will learn how to:

  • Eat better, without dieting or feeling deprived.
  • Get active, no matter what shape you’re in now.
  • Ditch food rules and leave behind fad diets.
  • Build fitness into your life, without it taking over.
  • Achieve, and maintain, your goals, even when life gets busy.

The result? You will:

  • Lose the weight/fat you haven’t been able to shed for years (Or build that muscle mass you’ve been seeking).
  • Build physical strength and confidence in your body.
  • Gain mental confidence, no longer hiding your gifts and talents.
  • Let go of food confusion, learn what to do, and how to do it.
  • Get off diet rollercoasters, once and for all, and never look back.


Q: What’s the program all about?

A: The Online Transformation is one that seeks to guide you through important—yet sustainable—changes in your eating and lifestyle with help from an expert coach.

If you’ve tried something before and “failed” — or just can’t stick with it — know that you’re not alone. And it’s not your fault.

After all, self-directed training and nutrition programs fail 98 percent of the time. Not to mention, after many years in the fitness industry, we’ve seen dozens of diet and exercise fads come and go (They all have common denominators!)

That’s why we don’t follow fads. Instead, we teach you doable daily actions that are designed to fit into a busy lifestyle.

We help you bring health and fitness into your life in a way that works for your life and your body.

Bottom line: Swift Performance Training enables you to make fitness and nutrition a part of your life—without it taking over.

Our program is designed to work on your absolute worst days, not just your best days.

As a result, our clients get results…


Ready to transform your body!?  Sign Ups Starts Now!

  • Private access to multiple simple workout plans that fit your body type and goal!
  • No need to join a gym, buy fancy workout equipment, or pre-packaged meal/shakes.  Learn to train at home or your gym with training videos.
  • Get a nutrition plan along with weekly recipes and motivational articles to accelerate progress and hold yourself accountable (10 members only).
  • You’ll be added to a Private Facebook Challenge Group for the duration to receive material.  Not on Facebook? We’ll email it to you each day and week!

By the end of 12 weeks, you’ll have the Progress Photos to show off and the mental confidence to help get further results.

Nutrition and Fitness Programming can be confusing because it is such a young field with a peak amount of studying in the last 50 years.  My job as your coach is to make this educational and simplistic enough for you to learn more about things in the context of YOU and be able to apply and retain the skills you built up over the 12 Weeks.

**Prior injuries please address so that I may modify specific movements to allow you to get stronger and maintain a pain-free status.**

Everybody moves at a different pace. The first 2-3 are the hardest with getting your mind organized and set up for success.  You might be the mother who is in school and working, the nurse working 50 hours in 4 days, etc so every week when you receive basic material to read and attach on top of your chosen plan, you’ll seek to get better at the little things bit by bit. This isn’t a program if you’re looking for quick fixes or a book of restrictions.

For More Details, Comments, Questions, or Concerns shoot me a text message 210-414-307